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At In Your Space Consulting we are often called Angels, Miracle Workers, and Magicians for the work we do. We know that change can be difficult and strive to make our clients’ transition stress-free. Here are Testimonials received from some of our clients. We so appreciate the feedback! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your transition to your next chapter in life!

Testimonial by Bruce and Mary Ann Hargens (Prescott, AZ)

Barbara Kult of “In Your Space Consulting” and her hardworking staff provided very professional services in a timely and efficient manner for an Estate Sale and Cleanout at our home. Her advertising, promotion, and individual contacts generated excellent traffic of people ready to buy when they arrived. Customers knew what was available prior to the day of the sale and were looking to make one or more purchases.

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Barbara has a large customer base that frequent her sales because they know she only offers good inventory at reasonable prices. We particularly benefited from being able to leave all items knowing they would be removed from the property whether they were sold or not. We were very comfortable in getting out of the way and letting these hard working professionals do their thing! And they do it better; better for the sellers and the new home buyers. That is a rare combination and one I am pleased to recommend without reservation.

Letter of Recommendation by Frederic Lassiter

To Whom It May Concern and to the National Association of Senior Move Managers:

I wish to inform you that I highly recommend Barbara Kult, In Your Space Consulting, as a Senior Move Manager. I am age 68 and have a Chronic Fatigue condition that limits my lifting ability and my physical stamina.

I found Barbara plus her assistance in helping me organize and complete my move to be a tremendous help. Her professional ability to organize and participate in the various details of the moving process was quite an eye-opener. She is very sharp with detail and provided valuable information about the moving process (i.e., how to pack, label, sort, etc.).

Most importantly, I found Barbara’s personality style to be congenial and genuinely supportive. She is pleasant to work with, aside from her professional abilities.

Given my personal limitations, I experienced Barbara’s support as invaluable and certainly exceeding my expectations! Accordingly, I highly recommend Barbara to all seniors who need assistance in the challenging moving process.

Testimonial by Diana Alexander (Chino Valley, AZ)

I have hired In Your Space Consulting on two occasions – first to move my mother and the second to conduct an Estate Sale. The staff is professional and efficient. When I used them to move my mother, they packed up everything professionally, moved everything to her new residence, unpacked it all, and set up everything beautifully! We did not have to do anything! They even cleaned the old residence and new residence after they were done. The Estate Sale was also run with the same professionalism. It was a great success! I would definitely use them again!

Testimonial by Barbara Agocs (Prescott, AZ)

If the world ran on schedule like Barbara Kult of In Your Space Consulting, it would be a better place. She is so dependable! She responded right away to my call for sorting in preparation for moving. She got me motivated and accomplished in short order what would have taken me much longer! I feel much better now about being ready to move out of state to be closer to my family.

Testimonial by Paul Morina and Family (Arizona and Washington)

There comes a time towards the end of our lives when we could all use a little extra help. My dear, sweet old Auntie and her long-time companion, Harry, had reached that point and it was decided they would be moving to an Assisted Living facility in Prescott, Arizona. They were downsizing from their 3,200 square foot home to a smaller 2-Bedroom/2-Bath Apartment that would be more manageable and where they would receive help with their day-to-day living. We quickly learned that deciding what to take and how to arrange their new apartment was no easy task. In addition to all the relocation decisions and tasks, none of the family members live in Prescott, so we had the added travel issues to deal with in even being able to be of assistance.

The Assisted Living Facility recommended “In Your Space Consulting” to help us with this difficult transition. From the moment we met with the owner, Barbara Kult, we knew we were in good hands. Barbara was a professional who recognized the struggle seniors face when being told they can no longer totally care for themselves and start losing their independence. She also understood how difficult something like this is on the entire family. Barbara’s warmth and compassion helped put all of us at ease and we all felt that we were being guided through the process by a new friend who seemed to know exactly how we were all feeling. Barbara and her team of professionals handled absolutely everything. From working on a schematic of the new apartment and deciding which furnishings and knickknacks to take, through conducting a huge estate sale at the old house, we were amazed at how smoothly it all went.

We simply could not have been more pleased with the service we received from In Your Space Consulting. Auntie and Harry loved Barbara and even commented on what a lovely decorating job she did at their new home. It is with a tremendous amount of admiration and gratitude that I give In Your Space Consulting my highest recommendation. Thank you again Barbara!

Testimonial by Don Besselievre (Washington)

In Your Space Consulting has provided me with a wonderful service of handling my mother's personal belongings in the final years of her life. I live out of state and could not easily travel to Arizona to address all my mother’s needs. First, on short notice, Barbara Kult (owner of the service) arranged her team to have Mom's belongings carefully packed, secured a storage unit on my behalf, moved everything into storage and cleaned out her apartment. Secondly, with my mother wanting some additional personal items from storage, Barbara opened the storage unit and spent hours retrieving the items for a very modest fee. Finally, upon Mom's death, Barbara packed her final belongings from her Care home, had an offsite Estate/Liquidation Sale from her final possessions, and totally took care of donating the remainder of my mother's possessions and providing me with a Donation form. I did not have to travel to Arizona for any of those tasks.

Barbara Kult is a very efficient, honest, and fair individual and I would highly recommend her services.

Nancy Thompson, Realtor (Prescott, AZ)

Barbara Kult, of “In Your Space Consulting” does an amazing job in her Moving services, Estate Sales and Staging. She is very gifted and her expertise in all of these areas is evident in her work.

Her sincere caring for her clients is unmistakable by their comments at the end of the process. She listens and meets their needs, while lovingly letting them know what will work for their next move, usually to smaller residences. She is detailed, knowledgeable, and is a visual person which is key in all of the aspects of the work she does!

Her staging is beautiful and positive comments are made continuously on her work! I recommend Barbara Kult over and over again, because I know my clients will not be disappointed!

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